The High Cost of Cheap

What could happen if you don’t have an experienced and certified technician clean your carpets?

What about if the company you hire doesn’t have the insurance or is not properly license?

These are very important questions you should ask before you decide to hire a company to do your carpet cleaning job. Sometimes cheap doesn’t mean good. I have known lots of customers who have hired some of these e companies that don’t have the proper permits or licensing to be in business as well as training. We have fix some of the carpet cleaning disasters they have left, but not all the customers have been so lucky. We have seen firsthand horrible results from some of these companies where they over wet the carpets and completely destroyed it, and worst these companies didn’t have insurance.

The stain resistant properties of your carpet can be destroyed when technicians are not properly trained. While it is easier to clean carpet using a solution with a high pH, such solution will destroy the stain resistant properties in your carpet. Soap can stay in your carpets. Soap left in the carpet acts like magnet collecting dust, soil and other contaminants in the air. Heavy soap residue is a result of not having the proper equipment to rinse the carpet thoroughly or simply not being knowledgeable in carpet cleaning techniques.

Over- wetting and over-saturation can ruin the carpet. If proper equipment and techniques are not used, your carpet will remain wet for an extended period of time causing mildew and bacterial growth in the carpet. Severe odor problems may occur which lead to the possibility of major costs for restoration or replacement of carpet and padding.

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