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Hot to Get Carpets Really Clean

Have you ever bought a new vacuum and done the “old vs. new” test?  It is simple.  Just vacuum first with your old vacuum then vacuum again with the new one.  Check to see how much dirt your old vacuum missed.  It can be pretty shocking!

But the truth is:  EVERY vacuum leaves dirt in your carpet.  You notice this missed dirt the most in high traffic areas as they get more and more dingy.  This not only makes carpets look dirty and dull, but the trapped particles also rub against the carpet fibers, causing damage.

It isn’t just dirt that gets trapped in your carpet.  Smoke, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, pollutants, and other allergens build up in carpet over time.  This is one of the reasons your family’s allergies can be worse inside than outside!

If you want to get professional carpet cleaning results, the best way to remove the dirt and allergens is to extraction clean your carpets regularly.  Extraction cleaning injects liquid cleaner into the carpet to dissolve stains and loosen dirt and allergens.  Then it suctions up the whole mess, leaving your carpet thoroughly clean.

But not all carpet extraction machines are made equal.  The little red and blue machines you see at the grocery store sort of work, but a professional machine will clean better and extract much more of the liquid.  And it is the extraction that is so important here.  The more liquid extracted, the cleaner and dryer your carpet will be.   A poor quality extractor will leave as much as 60% of the liquid in your carpet.  And that liquid contains dirt, mold spores, pollutants, and allergens that just redeposit on and in your carpet.  Yuck!

The best way to have your carpet clean is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Now in days carpet cleaning is more affordable than ever. The machinery professionals use for the carpet cleaning will do a superior cleaning, extracting, and drying.  They remove 90% of the liquid they put down and all the icky stuff it contains.

DYI a carpet cleaning can fail if not done properly and  you may need to call in a professional carpet cleaner to do the cleaning for you which will cost you twice.

But how do you know when to clean your carpets? You shouldn’t wait until they are filthy, especially if your family has allergies!

Many people wait to clean their carpets until the fall, in anticipation of holiday guests.  While this one-time cleaning may work for small households, we recommend at least twice a year for most families.  However, the ultimate answer depends on several variables:

Does anyone in the household smoke?

Does your family have allergies?

Do you have pets?

Do you have children?

Do you have a large family all under one roof?

Do you find your carpet to be unacceptably dirty more often?

If ‘yes,’ then you’ll need to extraction clean more than once or twice a year.  But if you have a formal living room or guest suite that get hardly any use, you may be able to go years between extraction cleaning those rooms.

The best time to clean your carpet can also depend on the area where you live.  In the North, where winter means ice-melt, sand, and mud, it is best to wait until winter is over.  But in the South where summer rainstorms create mud, Fall is a great time to extraction clean.  This way you can clean up the mess from your dirtiest season all at once.

If this isn’t enough to keep your carpet as clean as you like or your indoor allergies flare up, you will need to clean the carpet again.

Keep in mind that carpet dries the fastest if you can open some windows or turn on the air conditioner, so you may find your carpet dries slower in the winter and faster in the summer.  If your house has rooms or nooks that don’t get much airflow, put a fan there to help the carpet dry.

Information from: cleanreport.com


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