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Seattle Carpet Cleaning Results, Amazing!

Here is the result of our work. This was a Carpet Cleaning service we have the pleasure to clean in Seattle. And when I said the please I mean we loved to see results like this as well.

See this video in youtube.com

Are you looking for a carpet cleaning service that you can trust? Is affordability one of the big deciding factors in who you hire to clean your carpets? Do you require an exact time for your cleaning appointment? At Spot On Carpet Cleaning you can be assured that your carpets are in well trained and qualified hands. Our services include but are not limited to residential rug cleaning, carpet spots and stain removal, pet odor and stain treatments, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and

carpet cleaning in Bothell WA.

Spot On Carpet Cleaning began as a house cleaning business, servicing the North King and Snohomish County residents for over six years. We saw a need for carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning in our customers’ homes so we decided to add these services to our list.

Our seven step carpet cleaning process is very popular with our customers as it provides a great cleaning at an affordable price!

  • We inspect the carpet.
  • We vacuum the carpet.
  • We pre-treat high traffic areas.
  • We groom the carpet to loosen dirt.
  • We extract & rinse the soil out.
  • Groom the carpet into the same direction for optimum drying.
  • Our technicians will do a final walk through to make sure it’s complete.

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Benefit of Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding the benefits of steam carpet cleaning. Before the introduction of steam cleaners then the methods people usually used to clean carpets involves simple processes such as vacuuming or dry carpet cleaning. However these basic methods and techniques only made carpets look clean on the outside. However it had no effect on the hard-to-reach places which carpets have a lot of. These methods make carpets look cleaner but they reduce the quality of the carpet’s material as the fibers become faded and brittle with regular wear and tear.

In order to make sure that your carpets are cleaned properly then you need to make sure that you choose a carpet cleaning company that offers steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is recommended by most carpet manufactures as the best carpet cleaning method which will save you a huge amount of money in the long run. I will now go on to discuss why steam carpet cleaning is a better option than other methods. It is important to point out that steam carpet cleaning makes your carpet look good but in addition to this it also protects the fibers. Some of the other methods use harsh chemicals in order to get rid of carpet stains. However this can result in the removal of the natural protective layers of your carpet fibers which then means that your carpet will be more vulnerable to general wear and tear. In addition to this the fabric becomes frayed and the colors can fade. However when you use steam carpet cleaning then this process is much more gentle on the fibers so it can actually increase the lifespan of your carpet.

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Are the carpet steamer/cleaners that you can rent at the grocery store worth it?

Q Are the carpet steamer/cleaners that you can rent at the grocery store worth it?

A It is possible to clean carpet reasonably well with a machine you rent. That said, you should also recognize that a good professional probably would do a better job. And if you anticipate tackling the job frequently on your own, you might be better off buying a deep-cleaning machine, which works similarly to the rental machines.

With all of these options, the basic cleaning method is the same. Although it’s often called steam cleaning, the process doesn’t use actual steam. First a solution of detergent and water is spread over the carpet and worked into the fibers. Then it is rinsed out — along with the grime — by vacuuming up as much moisture as possible. (Other approaches to carpet cleaning, such as buffing fibers with absorbent pads or working in absorbent powder and then vacuuming it out, don’t work as well, according to research done by Shaw Industries Inc., the world’s largest carpet manufacturer.)

Professionals with truck-mounted equipment have the edge in several ways. Because they clean carpets day after day, they aren’t as likely to make mistakes such as using too much detergent or neglecting to rinse away all residue. Also, the trucks deliver hot water, which boosts the detergent’s effectiveness. With a rental machine, the best you can do is to pour hot water into the mixing tank and hope it doesn’t cool off too much as you clean. Finally, professionals benefit from having more powerful vacuum systems. Because they remove more water, it’s possible to rinse more thoroughly. The amount of water flowing through carpet fibers is the most important factor that determines whether a cleaning is thorough, Shaw’s researchers found. Plus, the professional vacuums leave the fibers dryer, so the room can get back in use faster.

However, getting a professional cleaning is relatively expensive compared with tackling the job yourself with a rented machine. Two years ago, as Consumer Reports magazine was testing deep cleaners, researchers also evaluated one professional service and one nationwide rental company’s machines. The pro did an “excellent” job, while the rental machines were just “good.” Yet Consumer Reports, always on the hunt for bargains, still saw value in using a rented machine. To clean two rooms and a hallway, the professional charged $181. Renting a machine for a day cost only about $20.

One factor that dragged down the score for the rental machines: Their quality varied considerably. If you’re a novice at carpet cleaning, this is a big issue. If a machine not in good repair dumps too much detergent onto the carpet, for example, you might just keep going, assuming that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Buying a deep-cleaning machine gets around this problem, assuming you take the time to read the directions and take reasonable care of the tool. Consumer Reports tested three deep cleaners and found that the Hoover Steam Vac V2 and the Bissell 7920 ProHeat Pro-Tech were “very good,” just a notch below the professional cleaner’s score. Each model cost about $250.

If you compare all the numbers, you realize that you could rent a machine nine times for the price of one professional cleaning for part of a house. And for not all that much more, you could buy a home machine to use whenever you want. So it’s a good question whether frequent cleaning with a “very good” or even a “good” machine leaves the carpet cleaner than if you save up for periodic professional cleaning, even if it is more thorough.

Carpet manufacturers generally recommend professional cleaning of carpets every 12 to 18 months. But if you have indoor pets, track in oily dirt from a garage floor, or find lots of sticky things spilled on your carpet, renting a machine or buying one for interim cleanings makes sense. If, after several DIY cleanings, the fibers don’t seem to be as clean as they once were, you can always call in a pro for a more thorough job.

If you do proceed to clean on your own, with either a rented machine or one you buy, a few steps can make all the difference in how the job turns out. Use only the detergent recommended for the machine, and never use more than the label recommends. A more concentrated formula won’t clean better; it will just leave the carpet fibers sticky.

Many professionals mist a pre-treatment solution onto the carpet, which allows a longer time to break down oily compounds. Then they run only clear water through the machine. You might experiment with the same approach. Or, if you want to minimize the use of cleaning products in your house, try using the machine with only plain, hot water, especially if you still plan a professional cleaning periodically.

Before you begin, make sure that you have one or more good fans available so that you can ensure speedy drying even if something goes wrong. With properly functioning equipment, the carpet should dry within four or five hours; if it takes more than 24 hours, you risk getting mildew growth in the backing.

By Jeanne Huber

Special to The Washington Post

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Improving our carpet cleaning services

Because we are always looking to improve our carpet cleaning services to our customers. We found the following business service that we think a lot of customers will benefit from.

You can also post reviews to out business here as well as helpful information.



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The High Cost of Cheap

What could happen if you don’t have an experienced and certified technician clean your carpets?

What about if the company you hire doesn’t have the insurance or is not properly license?


These are very important questions you should ask before you decide to hire a company to do your carpet cleaning job. Sometimes cheap doesn’t mean good. I have known lots of customers who have hired some of these e companies that don’t have the proper permits or licensing to be in business as well as training. We have fix some of the carpet cleaning disasters they have left, but not all the customers have been so lucky. We have seen firsthand horrible results from some of these companies where they over wet the carpets and completely destroyed it, and worst these companies didn’t have insurance.


The stain resistant properties of your carpet can be destroyed when technicians are not properly trained. While it is easier to clean carpet using a solution with a high pH, such solution will destroy the stain resistant properties in your carpet. Soap can stay in your carpets. Soap left in the carpet acts like magnet collecting dust, soil and other contaminants in the air. Heavy soap residue is a result of not having the proper equipment to rinse the carpet thoroughly or simply not being knowledgeable in carpet cleaning techniques.

Over- wetting and over-saturation can ruin the carpet. If proper equipment and techniques are not used, your carpet will remain wet for an extended period of time causing mildew and bacterial growth in the carpet. Severe odor problems may occur which lead to the possibility of major costs for restoration or replacement of carpet and padding.

Spot On Carpet Cleaning has been the Bothell, WA trusted choice. Gratefully serving over 6000 customers in the local areas of Bothell, Everett, Kirkland, Bellevue and surrounding areas. Contact us today for the finest cleaning services at an affordable price.

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The Cost of Cheap Carpet Cleaning

A popular homeowner question is… “How much will it cost to have my carpets professionally cleaned?

If it’s been several years since your last professional carpet cleaning then your carpets are likely quite dirty, and may require some special attention.

The price you’ll pay for carpet cleaning depends on the age and condition of your carpet and the amount of time and effort it will take to do the job right.

Rule # 1 – The dirtier your carpet is… the more it’s going to cost to have it cleaned properly.

Imagine not cleaning your stove top for a week, or a month or a year! How much more difficult would it be? If your stove top was just dirty from last night’s meal then it might take just a few quick swipes with a damp cloth or sponge to get the surface clean. But if you had not cleaned it for a week or more, then can you imagine how long it could take to clean it and how much more difficult it would be? The same goes for your carpet. If you haven’t your carpet cleaned in years, no matter who you call it’s going to take some extra time and effort to do the job properly.

Rule #2 – Don’t expect miracle results from low-cost or discount carpet cleaning services.

If your carpets are in serious need of a thorough deep-cleaning, don’t go searching for a Carpet Cleaner Coupon that says “Two Rooms Cleaned for $29.99!” You won’t be happy with the results from a light surface cleaning. Carpet Cleaners that advertise super cheap prices are notorious for luring you in with an amazing low price special and once they arrive, they surprise you with an estimate so high it will knock you off your feet! You don’t need this type of aggravation! But be prepared to pay a reasonable and fair price to have your carpets properly cleaned.

The typical cost to clean your carpet ranges from 15 cents to 45 cents per square foot.

Dirty carpets take longer to clean and you must understand that. This means if you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months like you are supposed to, then the cost to have your carpet cleaned should be on the low end of the scale. That’s because it will not take very long to clean your carpets.

But if you seldom have your carpets cleaned, then expect the price you are asked to pay to be on the higher end of the scale. If you haven’t had your carpets professionally cleaned in 6 years, don’t be surprised when the estimate is twice or three times as much as you expect. The fact is, all carpet cleaners must charge a reasonable price for their services or they won’t be able to stay in business. If it will take twice as long to thoroughly clean your dirty carpet then expect the job to be priced accordingly.

One Room Cost Example: A common bedroom size is 10’ X 14’ or 140 square feet.

At 18 cents per square foot the cost for cleaning would be about $25.00 (Carpet doesn’t appear dirty)

At 28 cents per square foot the cost for cleaning would be about $40.00 (Carpet looks fairly dirty)

At 36 cents per square foot the cost for cleaning would be about $50.00 (Carpet is very dirty!)

Some Carpet Cleaning companies prefer to charge by the room or by the job. It still ends up being pretty close to the same price as it would be if calculated by the square foot, so if you know about how many square feet you need to have cleaned it will be easy for you to calculate an approximate cost.

Whole House Cost Example: Most 3-bedroom ranch style homes are about 1000 square feet.

At 18 cents per square foot – Total cost about $180.00 (Carpet doesn’t appear dirty)

At 28 cents per square foot – Total cost about $280.00 (Carpet looks fairly dirty)

At 36 cents per square foot – Total cost about $360.00 (Carpet is very dirty!)

Please remember: It’s NOT a scam for a professional carpet cleaner to charge you accordingly.

Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance

It’s up to you to make sure your carpet is maintained and cared for according to the carpet manufacturer’s guidelines. Failure to do so will void your carpet warranty and cause your carpet to wear out prematurely. Regular vacuuming and professional cleanings every 12 to 18 months is required and will allow your carpet to last as long as possible.

Rule #3 – Have your carpets cleaned before they start to look dirty.

Abrasion is what causes carpet to look ugly and worn out. If you wait too long between cleanings, your carpet can become permanently damaged. Dirt and grime can easily cause abrasive wear that cannot be undone. Once you reach this point there is nothing any carpet cleaner can do to restore the “like-new” appearance your carpet once had. Sure you can have your carpets cleaned, but you won’t be happy with the way your carpet looks when it’s done.

Rule #4 – Make arrangements to have your carpets cleaned regularly

There are plenty of “poor quality” carpet cleaning companies that you need to avoid. So instead of clipping out a carpet cleaning coupon and rolling the dice hoping you get good service, visit Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaner Directory and see who I recommend near you. All the companies on my list are IICRC certified and personally hand-selected by me. They must pass my test before I will recommend them to you. Make an appointment and ask them about their Carpet Maintenance Plans.

What is a Carpet Maintenance Plan? It’s a special price for purchasing your future carpet cleanings in advance at a discounted price. Perhaps they offer four cleanings for the price of three or three cleanings for the price of two. Either way, it is in your best long-term interest to invest in a carpet maintenance plan to keep your carpets cleaned on a regular and ongoing basis. I think it is a very smart move and you have the option of setting the date of cleaning whenever it is convenient for you. You will save money in the long run, your carpet will last years longer, your home will always look nice and be a healthier place to you and your family to live.

Carpet Cleaning Extras

Spills, spots and stains…

Some carpet stains need special treatment and require extra time, treatment and effort. You should expect pre-treatment of most spots and stains to be included as part of the basic price, but in some cases, especially with pet accidents or biological spills and stains there may be an extra charge.  It’s impossible to predict how much extra it might be without knowing the type of stain, size and disposition of the affected area.

Carpet Damage, Restoration and Repairs

Carpet Cleaners may be able to repair or restore your damaged carpet. Carpet is often damaged from floods, accidents, burns or pets, but may be repairable or restored by a competent carpet Cleaning technician. Some spots and stains are impossible to clean but other options may be available. In some cases, depending on the type of carpet you have, carpet dyeing may restore the color to a faded or bleached out area. Burns can be cut out and replaced with leftover carpet or by using the same carpet taken from a “less critical” area (like a closet). Some carpets may need to be re-stretched or reinstalled. The cost for these extra services will depend on your situation. If the cost is too high or if the carpet is not repairable you will have to decide if it’s time to start thinking about buying new carpet.

Copied from carpetsupersite.com and edited by poster

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How Often Is Recommended to Clean Your Home Carpets

How ofter should I clean my carpets?. This is a question some people ask, some others don’t, and a few don’t even think it is necesary to clean the carpeted areas at all. I have found this information in the IICRC webpage that gives some recomendations I answer a lot of the questions a lot of us migh have. I have added some additional information in why it is important to hire the right proffesional.

Frequently used carpet should be professionally cleaned by a qualified technician at least once a year – perhaps a little longer interval for infrequently used carpet and even sooner for carpet in homes occupied by respiratory sensitive or allergic persons or in homes with indoor pets.

[faq question=”How long does it take mold to start growing in wet carpet?”]

There is no defined time frame to predict when mold will grow in carpet. For any material to support common indoor mold growth, it must:

Be organic
Be damp or wet
Have a moderate temperature (68ºF-86ºF)
Be in a stagnant air environment
Have these conditions present for several days

Most tufted carpet is made of plastic face yarns and backings, and synthetic latex. There is nothing organic to support mold in the carpet itself. Therefore, mold cannot technically grow on carpet. However, average household soil is about 40 percent organic (12 percent cellulose, 12 percent protein, 10 percent oils, 6 perfect food stuffs); therefore, mold can grow on the soil in carpet given the right conditions listed above.

However, if carpet is kept clean and dry, there is little or no possibility for mold growth. Even with soiling and normal household conditions found in most homes, it takes considerable time for mold to grow on carpet soil, and then only if dampness is present.


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Improve the Indoor Air Quality by Cleaning Your Carpets

New carpet can improve the appearance of any room, but how can carpet that is walked on every day continue looking new? To keep your carpet clean, it’s necessary to vacuum regularly with a strong, well-functioning and properly-filtered vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, due to traffic, children, pets and normal wear, carpet fibers inevitably become soiled, and a dull appearance results. And no matter how much you vacuum, eventually you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Regular professional cleaning using a IICRC technician is as important to your carpet as having a trained mechanic perform routine tune-ups on your car. While your carpet may appear clean on the surface, periodic cleaning by a certified technician can remove what you can’t see and help your carpet retain its fresh, beautiful appearance.

“Cleaning Carpet Can Be a Dirty Business” “Not All Scum Is In the Carpet” “Don’t Let them Pull The Rug Out From Under You” “Clean Your Carpets Without Cleaning Out Your Wallet” “Don’t Get Taken To The Cleaners.”  These clever phrases have appeared recently in newspaper articles and televised news programs across the nation warning consumers about carpet cleaning scam operations. The media has related horror stories of trusting consumers who have responded to low-price carpet cleaning specials only to become victims of unethical cleaners who refuse to honor the advertised price, intimidate the consumers and do poor quality work.

Bait-and-switch operators are prevalent in many industries, and the carpet cleaning industry is no exception. This does not mean that all carpet cleaners are rip-off artists. How do you know who is and who is not? The professional carpet cleaning industry has cited these scam activities as a major industry concern and is taking action to help eliminate unprofessional workmanship and unethical tactics. One of the leaders in this campaign is the IICRC, an international, non-profit organization that certifies cleaners who meet prescribed levels of technical proficiency and pledge to operate by a Code of Ethics.

To help educate consumers so they will not become victims of fraudulent practices within the cleaning industry, the IICRC has released a list of guidelines to consider when selecting a carpet cleaner.

  • Price – If an advertised price sounds too good to be true – it is! Often carpet cleaners advertise a low price just to get their foot in the door. Use common sense; a low price usually equates to low quality for any product or service. Legitimate business people have expenses they must cover, including license, taxes, insurance, employee wages, and benefits, and quality tools of the trade. A professional carpet cleaner who must cover all of these business expenses and make a profit to stay in the business cannot afford to drive to your house for $5.95, much less clean a room of carpet when there.
  • Quality – Never should the price of cleaning services be the sole criterion for selecting a carpet cleaner. A price that sounds high may not be a signal of a rip-off. In all professions, quality work deserves a quality price.
  • Truth in Advertising – Read the fine print in advertised specials to find out exactly what the price includes, and request a firm price in writing before the work begins.
  • Training – Professional cleaning firms require management and employees to engage in formal training in a variety of cleaning disciplines, and these educational efforts will be ongoing.  Consumers should ask about the formal training background of technicians who will be cleaning their carpet.
  • Certification – Professional firms require technicians who have certification from organizations like the IICRC or through comparable franchise or independent training and testing organizations.
  • Experience – The years of experience a firm has, combined with formal training programs, contribute significantly to the experience and proficiency of its employees.
  • Knowledgeable – Professional firms employ and train technicians who have the ability to answer basic questions regarding carpet performance and maintenance, as well as spotting and cleaning.
  • References – Consumers should ask for references from previous customers, and they should consult friends and business acquaintances about the reputation of the cleaning firm they are considering. Do not hesitate to call the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Trade Associations – Professional cleaning firms are members of regional or national trade associations or other organizations that promote high ethical standards and continuing education. Look for trade association logos in advertising.
  • Credibility – Community involvement through the Chamber of Commerce and/or professional business, charitable or similar organizations will be undertaken by concerned, caring professionals. Look for logos indicating involvement in these organizations.
  • Method – Ask the cleaner which method of cleaning will be used and the advantages and disadvantages of this method compared to other methods.
  • Proof – Never hesitate to ask for proof. Ask to see the cleaner’s certification card, business license and insurance certificate.
  • No Pressure – Technicians must be courteous and willing to take the time to thoroughly explain the cleaning and to answer all questions. The consumer should never feel pressured.

There is no single criterion for selecting a carpet cleaning service. Several combined factors must be considered in the selection decision.

For many, spring is a rebirth of life and time to rejuvenate the home with a thorough cleaning. The IICRC reminds consumers that a quality cleaning regimen can be good for their health by enhancing the indoor air quality of the home.

A survey conducted by the IICRC found that more than eight out of 10 U.S. homeowners feel their family’s health is directly related to the cleanliness of floors in the home. The survey results, in conjunction with other similar findings, also discuss a long-standing misperception that carpet is the least effective type of flooring when it comes to minimizing conditions that aggravate allergies. In reality, the opposite is true. Scientific studies have shown carpet to be more effective in trapping allergens keeping them from becoming airborne inside the home. The key is proper cleaning.

The IICRC offers 10 tips for simple clean-up to improve indoor air quality:

  • Keep Walkway and Entries Clean – Start by keeping outside sidewalks, entry areas, porches and steps clean. Sweep, dust, vacuum or use a leaf blower to remove soil and debris from entries to eliminate tracking into the facility.
  • Use Mats to Trap Soil at Entries – Outside and interior mats to trap and contain particles and moisture should be placed at each entry. This not only extends the life of carpet, it greatly reduces the quantity of particles that enter and build up within traffic areas, eventually becoming airborne.
  • Clean Shoes at Entries – Studies conducted by professional engineers on carpet dust samples indicate that fine particles containing lead are reduced by cleaning or removing and leaving shoes at the entry.
  • Purchase and Use High Quality Vacuum Equipment – A quality, durable upright vacuum with brush agitation is a must. Price is not as important as quality. Check trade or consumer magazines and expect sales persons to provide technically accurate information. Also, check the Carpet and Rug Institute’s list of vacuums that qualify for the Green Label Program at www.carpet-rug.org.
  • Use High Efficiency Vacuum Filter Bag – Using high-efficiency double-lined vacuum filter bags can filter out 99 percent of particles down to one micron or less in size. Avoid cheap paper filter bags that remove particles down to seven microns only. Small particles that pass easily through paper filter bags are a major source of respiratory irritation, as well as household dust.
  • Vacuum Frequency – Consumers should increase the frequency of vacuuming to stop soil from sifting downward and becoming embedded in the carpet pile. Vacuuming should be done more slowly in entry areas where most particle soils accumulate. Vacuum slowly over traffic areas two or three times.
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Filters – Use quality pleated or reusable electrostatic filters for HVAC systems.  Reusable filters have acrylic rods that vibrate and create a static electricity that charges soil particles, thereby attracting them to the filter. Anticipate a cost of between $50 and $100 for quality filters. Reusable filters should be removed and flushed free of collected soils on a monthly basis.
  • Clean the Carpet – Professional hot water extraction cleaning lifts and suspends fine particles of soil. Then careful extraction flushes them from carpet fibers.
  • Clean Other Soft Surfaces – Clean upholstery, drapery, bedding and other fabric surfaces regularly; wash linens weekly to remove allergens.
  • Control Moisture and Humidity – Dust mites and mold are the two most common allergens present in higher humidity climates. Dust mite infestation can be eliminated if the relative humidity of a home/building, not just a particular area, is consistently maintained below 50 percent.

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Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are difficult to maintain. Since they are walked on constantly, this type of flooring is a challenge to clean, especially when soiled shoes and stains are inevitable at a very busy office. Vacuuming alone cannot do the job of removing dirt, especially for deep-seated dirt and stains.

Steam cleaners are great tools for removing dirt, molds, stains, and even dust mites from carpets. They also effectively sanitize and deodorize the carpets so they will look and smell new. This type of cleaning is eco-friendly as well, as it does not utilize chemicals in its procedures. All it needs is water and some heat.

Although it may be called a steam carpet cleaner, the process does not really involve the use of steam. The technique simply utilizes the tandem of hot water and a powerful suction method. This powerful combination is very efficient in loosening up the dust, debris, dirt, and other stains from carpets and rugs. The steam comes from the combination of the hot water and the suctioning action of the vacuum. This also cuts cleaning time in half since the carpets are cleaned and dried simultaneously.

Another benefit of carpet steam cleaners is their ability to not just remove dirt but harmful allergens as well. An ordinary vacuum cannot do this. This is very advantageous for cleaning thick carpets with tightly woven fibers since they easily trap dirt and other harmful particles that cannot be sucked out by standard vacuuming. Using carpet steamers will therefore benefit employees who have allergies.

Because of the many benefits, an increasing number of companies are now employing the services of cleaning services companies that make use of steam cleaners. It is a very cost-effective solution for the proper maintenance of their office carpets. Hiring a professional will solve the problem of having to carry the bulky equipment used for cleaning. Expert cleaners are also more skilled in analyzing the requirements for cleaning and can better determine the type of cleaning materials that must be used. They are in the best position to decide which solutions are compatible with your carpets and which areas will require spot cleaning. They do their work fast and efficiently, producing top quality results with steam carpet cleaners.

Referenced:  https://enlightenme.com/commercial-steam-carpet-cleaners/

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Hot to Get Carpets Really Clean

Have you ever bought a new vacuum and done the “old vs. new” test?  It is simple.  Just vacuum first with your old vacuum then vacuum again with the new one.  Check to see how much dirt your old vacuum missed.  It can be pretty shocking!

But the truth is:  EVERY vacuum leaves dirt in your carpet.  You notice this missed dirt the most in high traffic areas as they get more and more dingy.  This not only makes carpets look dirty and dull, but the trapped particles also rub against the carpet fibers, causing damage.

It isn’t just dirt that gets trapped in your carpet.  Smoke, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, pollutants, and other allergens build up in carpet over time.  This is one of the reasons your family’s allergies can be worse inside than outside!

If you want to get professional carpet cleaning results, the best way to remove the dirt and allergens is to extraction clean your carpets regularly.  Extraction cleaning injects liquid cleaner into the carpet to dissolve stains and loosen dirt and allergens.  Then it suctions up the whole mess, leaving your carpet thoroughly clean.

But not all carpet extraction machines are made equal.  The little red and blue machines you see at the grocery store sort of work, but a professional machine will clean better and extract much more of the liquid.  And it is the extraction that is so important here.  The more liquid extracted, the cleaner and dryer your carpet will be.   A poor quality extractor will leave as much as 60% of the liquid in your carpet.  And that liquid contains dirt, mold spores, pollutants, and allergens that just redeposit on and in your carpet.  Yuck!

The best way to have your carpet clean is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Now in days carpet cleaning is more affordable than ever. The machinery professionals use for the carpet cleaning will do a superior cleaning, extracting, and drying.  They remove 90% of the liquid they put down and all the icky stuff it contains.

DYI a carpet cleaning can fail if not done properly and  you may need to call in a professional carpet cleaner to do the cleaning for you which will cost you twice.

But how do you know when to clean your carpets? You shouldn’t wait until they are filthy, especially if your family has allergies!

Many people wait to clean their carpets until the fall, in anticipation of holiday guests.  While this one-time cleaning may work for small households, we recommend at least twice a year for most families.  However, the ultimate answer depends on several variables:

Does anyone in the household smoke?

Does your family have allergies?

Do you have pets?

Do you have children?

Do you have a large family all under one roof?

Do you find your carpet to be unacceptably dirty more often?

If ‘yes,’ then you’ll need to extraction clean more than once or twice a year.  But if you have a formal living room or guest suite that get hardly any use, you may be able to go years between extraction cleaning those rooms.

The best time to clean your carpet can also depend on the area where you live.  In the North, where winter means ice-melt, sand, and mud, it is best to wait until winter is over.  But in the South where summer rainstorms create mud, Fall is a great time to extraction clean.  This way you can clean up the mess from your dirtiest season all at once.

If this isn’t enough to keep your carpet as clean as you like or your indoor allergies flare up, you will need to clean the carpet again.

Keep in mind that carpet dries the fastest if you can open some windows or turn on the air conditioner, so you may find your carpet dries slower in the winter and faster in the summer.  If your house has rooms or nooks that don’t get much airflow, put a fan there to help the carpet dry.

Information from: cleanreport.com

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